Grand piano, ca. 1790
Attributed to Johann Schmidt (Austrian, active late 1700s)

- Materials: Cherry veneer, black-stained wood, bone
- Key Range: 66 - 61 manual, 13 doubled on pedals, 5 bass pedals.
-Other Notes: This is a rare piano featuring a 18-note pedal board - They duplicate the lowest 13 manual keys and extend the 5-octave range by 5 bass notes. It also includes knee-levers to operate dampers and a ‘soft’ stop, and a hand-lever for a ‘bassoon’ stop (a piece of parchment is laid on the lower 26 notes for the buzzing effect). The entire piano is double strung - two strings per note. Mozart owned a similar piano.

Source: NY-MetMA

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"When words fail, music speaks." en We Heart It.

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Esa Pekka Salonen, Swedish radio symphony orchestra
Hilary Hahn, violin

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